Anatomy of Desire

Anatomy of Desire

anatomy of desire cover image

t. kilgore splake

Chapbook, 36 pages, $8.00

“For lovers of American poetry that flourishes under the radar, wandering through the slow, steady experience of recollecting the past with poet t. kilgore splake will be an experience of ineluctable delight.   There is an incantatory sweep to the author’s voice which invites the splake-savvy reader to trance out with the speaker, go with the flow – mesmerized, as if by a stranger’s monologue in a dusty Upper peninsula bar, dust motes dancing against the sun-spattered windowpane. . .”
                – George Wallace, The Pedestal Magazine

“Splake is always spot-on with an unfailing eye and gift for compressed expression.  As a fan of Splake’s for over two decades, I can honestly say, I anticipate each new collection of his and am never disappointed.”      – Alan Catlin


“A long career of poetry with little intent to stop, t. kilgore splake continues to provoke an unusual and thought-provoking brand of poetry.”         –  James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review