Growing in Light

Growing in Light


Anne Randolph

Chapbook, 32 pages, $8.00

“Anne Randolph’s poetry is potent medicine for the soul. Faithfully, accurately and with the greatest love and respect, she records Nature’s ‘astonishing dance’ of high-wire bluebirds, stealthy foxes, freckled fawns, crows, butterflies and a pet praying mantis named Manfred ‘with Martian eyes.’  Plants and trees figure prominently as well:  shagbark hickories (and their savory nuts), baptisia, Japanese maples and lilies of the valley. Of course the human species appears, too, like her forest-besotted daughter who literally loses herself in woods and her 90-year-old friend, a life-long gardener, who now, due to the infirmities of age, must delegate gardening tasks to others and watch, ‘renewing the wildness in her one more time’—as Randolph herself does every day, outside in all seasons or inside at her window (with binoculars), immersed in the dance, inspiring us to do the same, ‘growing in light.’”                                                                                                                                                                         – Ed Davis