Invisible Wings

Invisible Wings

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ISBN: 978-1-7325182-0-9; Hard Cover; 64 pages; $24.95

In his first poetry collection since 2014’s Pulitzer and National Book Award nominated For The Living Dead – New & Selected Poems, these forty-four new poems by Eric Greinke evoke and illuminate the metaphors and symbols of our lives through portraits, observed moments and personal memories.  These poems rely on descriptive imagery and an expansive persona often expressed in  third person to stimulate the reader’s associative imagination. Each poem explores our relationship with time and the monuments we leave behind. The book contains the award winning autobiographical narratives Lifelines and Paternity, in addition to poems in lyric, objectivist and persona modes.  Readers who have come to expect range and variety from this poet will not be disappointed.  At the age of seventy, Eric Greinke continues to expand his range, tonal repertoire and poetic vision, inviting his readers to join in the creative process in recognition of common myths and experiences.

“Greinke is a spacious poet of Soul.  There is an easy flow, an unstrained lucidity, a surreal exuberance about his poetry. The marvel of Greinke is the ‘open window’ he has sustained throughout a long career of letters. Let us revere this great man of letters in lionlike Age; he gives us so much.”
 Charles Thompson, Various Artists (UK)

“Eric Greinke carves an eclectic niche; like snowflakes, no two poems are exactly alike. He is at ease in many genres, which reside comfortably alongside each other—from poetry of the marvelous in the fine tradition of Rimbaud and Neruda, to the more traditional poems of Robert Frost.  It is clear that the lovely universal landscape is where he chooses to spend most of his leisure hours.”
– Cindy Hochman, The Pedestal Magazine

“Eric Greinke’s poems, like messages in a bottle, found after so many years of being afloat, are the experiences of being within, the experiences of being in nature.  Each poem is a cathedral of actuality, of thought, of inspiration. He takes our hand and shows us what we have forgotten to look at.”                                               – Irene Koronas, Boston Area Poetry Scene

“There is a Blakeian energy to these poems that pulses through the shorter ones in particular – in true Beat tradition, the senses are rhapsodic even at their most cataclysmic. The work has wide geographic reach.”
– Aileen La Tourette, The Journal (UK)