Sex & Other Slapsticks

Sex & Other Slapsticks

Sex & Other Slapsticks cover image

Ellaraine Lockie

Chapbook, 32 pages, $8.00

“These lively poems demonstrate why humor is cognate to human and humility. From a woman going nude outside a Tahoe resort to bring back her runaway dog, to a high-schooler discovering that “twat” is not the past tense of “twit,” Lockie’s poetic tall tales strip off our ill-fitting garments of shame and pretension, turning the embarrassments of embodied life into a joke that brings us together.”     – Jendi Reiter


Sarcasm, humor, and honesty mark these indelible poems by Ellaraine Lockie. Whether being mistaken for a street walking hooker, encountering her first vibrator as a young teen, or discovering condoms in her own teenage daughter’s jewelry box, this poet’s never-flinching sensibilities are as revelatory as the day she saved her dog and exposed herself unintentionally.”     – Gary Metras


“Ellaraine Lockie’s latest poetry collection, Sex and Other Slapsticks, is a journey of discovery and rediscovery. It is a production of every-day drama of the ordinary made extraordinary, interlaced with wry humor. This is an itinerary of geographies of body and place with many surprising twists and turns. Lockie is superb at her craft. She weaves in subtle commentary that never intrudes on her wonderfully sculpted gems.”     – Harris Gardner