Sophia’s Crockpot

Sophia’s Crockpot


Ayaz Daryl Nielsen

Chapbook, 32 pages, $8.00

“Brought to mind the story of a couple walking along a trail and encountering an old woman….they asked her, ‘Where are you going?’ She answered, ‘I’m there.’ Daryl’s gems are just this, a delightful celebration of the moment, in multiple dimensions and senses. Worth re-reading to enjoy and bring me back to the ‘now’.” – W. Dimock

“Like a sculptor carving away excess clay to reveal the hidden art image in his mind’s eye, this master poet has honed away past, future, memory and excess to reveal beautiful haiku “bones.” The result is some very fine poetry and images that linger – moments of light-heartedness, beauty, and longing. This is truly work to enjoy and to inspire and to return to again and again.” – F. G