Delirium – Selected Poems

Delirium – Selected Poems

Lloyd Van Brunt
Chapbook, 48 pgs., $6.00

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The ability to use the right words is very valuable. Plot is a very important component of texts, but vocabulary and understanding where a word is better to use is a skill that not everyone can use. If you write papers and feel that you lack the skills, turn to prime essays.

“Lloyd Van Brunt writes good and elegant poetry about such everyday subjects as a wife awakening in bed, or a meal cooking on the stove.  His metaphors are never predictable, which is to say our minds go a little further than we would have expected, and discover the exhilaration of poetry itself in his poems.  In poems such as ‘How to Cope with Loneliness,’ Van Brunt is at his best, giving us all he’s been doing, and promising even better poems to come.”                                   -Norman Mailer

“What is remarkable, though…is his use of language which, in a word, must be termed brilliant.  Often one is not aware that Van Brunt has probed the deepest pits of tribulation, not necessarily his own, until one is brought up sharp by a strategic placement of a noun or verb or phrase, and the word play that fascinated one becomes a dance.”                  -David Ignatow, The New York Times Book Review

“Lloyd Van Brunt conjures up the myths that we all encounter in everyday life upon engaging a world much larger than our hands can grasp or eyes can see.  The images display the poet’s energetic imagination, at once holy and feral.”                                     –Publishers Weekly