Critical Comments & Reviews

Critical Comments & Reviews

Alison Stone

“Stone is not a ‘literary’ poet (there are enough of them).  Her text does not depend on other texts.  She is interested in a woman’s truth, and has something hard won (but won) to give her readers.  This is strong poetry.”

-Allen Grossman

Steven Sher

“Steven Sher manages to transform the anomalies of daily living into something as rich and dense as a tapestry.”

-John Ashbery

John Amen

”John Amen pursues a relentless path through memory and dreamscape, between mother and lover, holding a compass below the stars, his surreal imagery unfolding like origami into the complex narrative of a man’s life. A thoroughly human book.

-Dorianne Laux 

Kirby Congdon

“A poet like Congdon is a man who binds himself to the mast and sails off determined to miss nothing, record everything, even the siren song that leads everyone finally to the reefs of extinguishment.”

-Joan Colby

Eric Greinke

“Eric Greinke’s infinite variety has never staled nor withered.  His poems have the surrealistic magic of Magritte or the young Dali.  He is an eclectic poet for all seasons and all times of the day.”

-Leslie H. Whitten, Jr.

Kerry Shawn Keys

“Good word-slinging – rich sense of music, metaphor, image, melody – color and flavor…”

-Gary Snyder

Gerald Locklin

“I have never been let down.  I have been picked up, lifted up, tossed into that rare area:  excellent writing with verve, writing that laughs, writing that reads easy yet says something.  That’s a good package.”

-Charles Bukowski 

Glenna Luschei

“Glenna Luschei’s poems are always lively, brave, sometimes biting as lime juice -written by an enchanting mind.”

-Robert Bly

A.D. Winans

“We’re fortunate to have a poet who gives us a first-person account of the unspeakable human sacrifices to the gods of American “democracy”: Profit and Property.”

-Harold Norse