Pre-Socratic Points & Other New Poems

Pre-Socratic Points & Other New Poems

Stanley Nelson
Perfectbound paperback, ISBN:  978-0-9772524-4-2, 84 pgs., $15.00

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Nelson explores the range of poetic form.  He utilizes a traditional sonnet format in one section & an open, non-linear format, in which he not only breaks up words, but separates syllables & letters, in another.  The poems expand across the page.  This book offers a mix of visual & auditory imagery, creating an alternative universe.

“Pared to essentials, phrase to word to syllable to phoneme, the poems of Stanley Nelson bright on the page with innovation and meaning – original, vital, new and real, they eschew fashion, superfluous to a true creator, and honor life, place, the elements, past masters and language.”                                                                -Roberta Gould

“This is the most radical opening up of poetic form since Walt Whitman’s Leaves Of Grass.  Stanley Nelson is one of those defining figures, one of those who defines an age, not only for his contemporaries, but for posterity.”          – Guy Gauthier

“Stanley Nelson’s poems are a poetic bridge between the ancient thunder of Sumerian bulls and the dysfunctional fragmentation of the present world. His encyclopedic mind and ingenious verse make ancient times instantly relevant to the trauma of today.”                   -Leslie H. Whitten Jr.