Louis E. Bourgeois
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The prose poems of Louis Bourgeois tap into the same darkside source as Baudelaire, Poe & Kafka, offering us deeply interior glimpses into the epochal mind of a poet who pushes the psychological envelope.  This is a rare occurrence in any generation.

The poetic writings of Louis E. Bourgeois offer an exacting appreciation of personal tragedy and of an infinitely larger world that embraces ‘the indifference of life to all things’.  With unwavering self-awareness, the poet defies universal authority, and challenges the reader’s perceptions of passing events.  His work is void of spurious hope, yet taunts us with a lingering sense of individual purpose.”                                   –Laura Qa, Red Dragon Press

Louis E. Bourgeois’ poetry seems to want to break with everything: convention, tradition, time, place, etc….That’s some of the things a good bard does.  Bourgeois wants to shed the old suit of universal authority and live by where his instincts take him.”    — Doug Holder, Ibbetson St. Press