Captive Cities

Captive Cities


B. Z. Niditch
Chapbook, 36 pgs., $8.00

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“B. Z. Niditch transcends place and time in his new poems, with the emotional and verbal intensity that has earned him a reputation as one of America’s most beloved (and published) poets.  Alternating between geographical and deeply personal remembrances, Niditch has created a world within a world, one that endears and captivates us.”                                     -Eric Greinke

“The places and things B. Z. writes about are not only in Massachusetts, they’re everywhere, universal.  You’ll find them right outside your door, in the words of your last letter, in the mirror.  It’s a rare writer who can take what’s been sitting invisibly in front of you all along and give it size and solidity and a heartbeat.”                             -Patrick Carrington

“Ever the wanderer, Niditch moves through his usual combinations of poems, his typical subject matter analyzed in deft verbiage and fleeting pictures of a perverse world that yet yields a dubious beauty.  A precise and probing collection.”                     -Arnold Skemer, ZYX

“Niditch pitches his poems into the past, bringing the reader into the present place and time.  Along with his experiences, political and otherwise, he relates and sculpts the poems with sensitivity.”      -Irene Koronas, Ibbetson Street Press