City of the Sun

City of the Sun


Stanley Nelson
Perfectbound paperback, ISBN:  978-0-9800081-2-8, 126 pgs., $15.95

Currently Out of Print

Stanley Nelson is considered by many to be the foremost avant-garde poet of his generation.  In his third Presa Press collection, Nelson once again demonstrates the validity of that claim with four new long poems, City of the Sun, Fragrances, Genesis Vibes and Heidegger.  These poems deal with deep archetypes, science and religion in a manner that is simultaneously deconstructive yet formal.  Stanley Nelson continues to present us with his unique vision of the possibilities of poetry in this latest offering.  Who else could combine the courtesans and the Old Testament with jazzy music and quarks?

“One of the most innovative poets of our time.  Nelson is a worthy successor to Apollinaire and Cummings, and he is unique in his major music.”        –Small Press Review 

“Sweet music indeed!  Mr.  Nelson is in full command of his form and voice, escorting us into the realm of old masters.”        –Iconoclast

“Here is a poet who crosses the line without fear of label.  His experimental writings and verse lend freely to all areas of literature.  Nelson is a writer whose rapture is deeply embedded in his craft.”                                 –Rattlesnake Review

“Anyone who thinks the age of experimentation in the arts is over hasn’t read the poems of Stanley Nelson.  Nelson has taken free verse places where it had never been before.”                               –Home Planet News