Deep Meanings – Selected Poems 2008-2013

Deep Meanings – Selected Poems 2008-2013


Gerald Locklin
Perfectbound paperback, ISNB:  978-0-9831251-9-8, 132, pgs., $15.95

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Gerald Locklin’s Deep Meanings – Selected Poems 2008-2013 contains over a hundred poems written since 2008 and published in a wide variety of small, independent literary magazines such as the New York Quarterly, Café Solo, Iconoclast, Nerve Cowboy, Pearl, Slipstream and Tears In The Fence.  The poems have in common that they are ‘about’ the nature of Art itself.  Locklin has a unique ability to address profound subjects in a subtle and colloquial style that is deceptively simple yet ironically precise.  It’s all unified by the strong persona of the poet’s autobiographical commentary.  He is a master of everyday speech employed for insight.  Ironic humor is used effectively in these poems as well.  Locklin has successfully obscured the difference between light verse and serious poetry, a poetic act that has made him one of our most prolific and published American poets.

“…Gerald Locklin’s lack of pretension is complimented by an acute sensitivity, a sense of humor, and a casual style that combines to produce a vision that is deep and unusually candid.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                              – Gerald W. Haslam from “He Pushes Limits, But Gently…” (Gerald Locklin: A Critical Introduction. Ed. by Michael Basinski.)

“His poems are about real people and places that ‘illustrate’ with ‘common’ language the classic themes of love, envy, honesty, integrity, etc…”  
-Marvin Malone, Publisher of The Wormwood Review