ghost dancer’s dreams

ghost dancer’s dreams


t. kilgore splake
Perfectbound paperback, ISBN:  978-0-9831251-4-3, 68 pgs., $12.95

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In his crystalline new collection of poems ghost dancer’s dreams, t. kilgore splake captures and blends his personal history/memories with the public events of his seventy-five years of life into a tour de force of existential and poetic clarity.  Varying in length from spare, haiku like gems to the major long poem trout dancing sonata, splake blends the impulses and energies of youth with the hard-earned wisdom of age.  His unique poems ring true in a way that only a determined dedication to personal growth can produce.  Unadorned and original poetry by a lifelong searcher.  At the age of seventy-five, he’s still a dynamo.

“Splake’s poetry is straight from the heart.  His poems are both personal and accessible.  A shaman who invites you inside his heart and down life’s road, and he does it in an unpretentious way.  Treat them as you would a gourmet meal served up by a master chef.”             -A. D. Winans