High Country

High Country



Arthur Winfield Knight
Chapbook, 32 pgs., $6.00

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“Knight describes the people and rhythms of Western American life with such keen detail and humor that I sometimes wondered if I was reading about my great aunts and  uncles, my neighborhood, or the once-small Utah towns in which I spent much of my childhood.  High Country is a must-read for all who are concerned about Nevada and the states around it, and for those who still think that Western poetry consists of nothing but cowboys and shoot-outs.”                                                             -JoSelle Vanderhooft, The Pedestal Magazine

“One of Knight’s gifts is discovering a whole lot of nothing and making something of it.  The poems’ ordinariness is extraordinary.  But then, like a prism turned to just the right angle, these poems will reward you with skewed, shrewd and humorous insights.  If you are in the mood for small, neat but sharp observations and conclusions, you have come to the right address.”                         -Charles Alverson, Small Press Review