Limbos For Amplified Harpsichord

Limbos For Amplified Harpsichord


Stanley Nelson
Perfectbound paperback, ISBN:  978-0-9772524-8-0, 144 pgs., $17.95

Currently Out of Print

Stanley Nelson’s Limbos For Amplified Harpsichord is a musical & metaphorical tour de force, unique in both style & theme.  Nelson writes a rarified kind of projective verse.  Words explode on the page, often utilized more for their musical value than for their literal meaning.  At the age of 74, Nelson has declared Limbos For Amplified Harpsichord to be his greatest poetic achievement.  He has been called the greatest avant-garde poet of his generation.  The author of 16 published poetry collections, Nelson continues to push the boundaries of poetic form.

“Stanley Nelson may be the best poet you’ve never heard of.”                                  -Alan Catlin, The Pedestal Magazine

“Here is a poet who crosses the line without fear of label.  His experimental writings and verse lend freely to all areas of literature.  Nelson is a writer whose rapture is deeply embedded in his craft.”                   –Rattlesnake Review

“Anyone who thinks the age of experimentation in the arts is over hasn’t read the poems of Stanley Nelson.  Nelson has taken free verse places where it had never been before.”                                             -Guy Gauthier, Home Planet News