Little Things

Little Things


Harry Smith
Perfectbound paperback, ISBN:  978-0-9800081-3-5, 78 pgs., $13.95

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Little Things contains fifty-two new poems by the venerable literary activist/publisher/poet Harry Smith, selected by the poet at the age of seventy-one.  The collection is divided into two sections of poems.  The first, Modern Ballads, celebrates common objects of nature and experiences, based in narrative.  The second section, Olden Lyrics, contains a wide variety of lyric poems that are simultaneously both deft and expansive.  Smith’s work displays a level of humor and philosophy seldom encountered in contemporary literature.  Highly recommended for all collections of current American poetry.

“Harry Smith’s poetry can summon a Whitmanesque majesty and scope…and like Walt, bears witness to the movement of the giant wheel of culture and history.”                                                     -Phil Wagner, The Iconoclast

“Harry Smith uses the projective form to convey patterns of consciousness, & melds metrical poetry with prose to objectify experience in a stylistic synthesis. He believes that poets have the primary responsibility for the description of history.”                                                                                                                                                                     -Roseanne Ritzema, Inside The Outside