Living In Dangerous Times

Living In Dangerous Times


Linda Lerner
Chapbook, 56 pgs., $6.00

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26 powerful poems from the author of Because You Can’t I Will & City Woman.

“Linda Lerner should be one of the most visible of our poets in this country…she is in a special outsider group of powerful and original American poets largely ignored by Poetry Establishment forces.  Her amazing energies zap her poems with high voltage…”
– Robert Peters, Chiron Review

“Linda Lerner is emerging in America as a major poet who has taken the long time it takes to accomplish original poetry, which in an age of populist mediocrity is refreshing.”                                                                   -Leo Connellan

“One can’t help but feel comfortable with this kind of reflection.  The narrator appears well-traveled, knowledgeable and sophisticated, but wears it all with humility and empathy.  It’s the kind of sensitivity that knows it is vulnerable, rather than judgmental.”
-Kirby Congdon, Small Press Review

“Linda Lerner is a Brooklyn-based poet who is passionate about poetry’s potency in our increasingly frightening and alienating age.”                                   -Doug Holder, Ibbetson Update