Lost Horses

Lost Horses


Lyn Lifshin
Chapbook, 36 pgs., $6.00

Currently Out of Print

In Lost Horses, poet-dynamo Lyn Lifshin presents us with twenty new poems inspired by her dreams.  Lifshin excavates universal archetypes from our shared unconscious & evokes primal feelings in her poems.  These night mares will haunt her readers in their pure artistic honesty.

“Part of Lyn Lifshin’s appeal, perhaps, is in her methodical, disinterested, documentation of disaster – that feeling of anxiety that one is so vulnerable to chance.  One looks closely at the lines she has written.  They are about a life in middle-class America, not all that dreadful on the surface, but one begins to see that the printers’ ink is the color of blood from someone bleeding.”                                  – Kirby Congdon

“No one can milk a metaphor like Lyn Lifshin.  Much has been said about her prolific output, but the truly phenomenal aspect of her poetry is its consistent high quality & depth.  Lyn Lifshin is a poetic virtuoso.”                                 -Eric Greinke, Home Planet News

“Lifshin is one of those rare talents that you come by once in a lifetime, and she should be a starting poet for many young woman writers.  She is the quintessential personal poet, a poet whose lifetime commitment to poetry as a way of life is unmatched by many.”      – B. L. Kennedy