Only Wings – 20 Poems of Devotion

Only Wings – 20 Poems of Devotion


Donald Lev
Chapbook, 28 pgs., $6.00

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Donald Lev’s new collection shows him at his deft best: simultaneously simple & profound.  These little poems offer big wisdom, expanding everyday language & experience into elegant metaphysical clarity.

“Donald Lev’s poetry is sublime. It catches you off guard. Though seemingly so simple and direct—it goes on to awaken depths in us all.”                                  -Bob Richards

“The poet…achieves a unique brand of humor about the strange ache we call the human condition. He blends marvelously active images with feelings of dread, abandonment, and intellectual frustration. But his readers don’t weep – they’re more likely to laugh ruefully.”
-Shirley Powell

“How to save the planet? From Don Lev’s poems to God’s ear, that’s how.”               -Bob Holman

“Don is serious, funny, free associative, formal—each cartoon, vignette, dialog, and rumination stamped with his quick-change imprint. He’s full of surprises. You might go in here, but will you come out there?”            -David Gershator

“Donald Lev is a supreme cynic lambasting and ridiculing orthodox human existence in Only Wings.  Depth, sardonic overviewings, but also so masterfully written that the ideas and emotions really get to you and you fly away from Only Wings like a raven staring down at your own life-contexts wondering about directions, sensibilities and ultimates.”     -Hugh Fox, Small Press Review

“Writing, crafting poetry that’s lyrical, meaningful and imaginative; that says something about the self and the universe is not as easy as it looks – and I can think of at least two dozen “famous” small press poets who should sit at the feet of Mr. Lev (though he’d probably flick them off with a hand).”                    –Phil Wagner, Iconoclast