Poetry Matters – A Collection of Essays

Poetry Matters – A Collection of Essays


Roseanne Ritzema, Editor
ISBN: 0-987-9965026-3-4, 110 pages, $13.95

Currently Out of Print

In this collection of thirteen essays about writing, reading, editing and publishing poetry, six influential, independent poet-publishers explicate the values and ideas that began with the sixties “mimeo revolution” and that have continued to this day through the publications of American small presses and literary magazines.  The authors (John Amen, Kirby Congdon, Hugh Fox, Eric Greinke, Richard Kostelanetz, Harry Smith) of these essays represent over three hundred years of experience writing, reading, editing and publishing poetry.  Their mutual passion extends beyond their own personal work to the art of poetry itself. What is the best definition of poetry?  Why write it or read it?  What is its true potential?  What is the most moral attitude for an editor to take?  Do poets and writers have an obligation to be tolerant of diversity?  These are some of the issues addressed in this concise collection.  Poetry Matters tells us why poetry matters, and how it can contribute to both social and personal progress by widening the perspectives of poets and their readers.


Editing As a Life Practice by John Amen             
The Persona in Poetry by Kirby Congdon      
Freedom To Dream by Hugh Fox                           
The Potential of Poetry by Eric Greinke
Smarts? by Richard Kostelanetz           
Eight Attributes of Poetry by Harry Smith