Purling Sonnets

Purling Sonnets


Richard Kostelanetz
Chapbook, 32 pgs., $6.00

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“The experimental tweaking of English word emphasis, sequence, and typological topography typifies accidents or intents of humor, meaning, and on a good day, paranoia.  If Kostelanetz  hadn’t created himself, perhaps Nabokov would have done the job.”       -Phil Wagner, Iconoclast

“Kostelanetz shakes the numbness out of the reader; he creates meaning by listing, beating the rhythm to a ‘genesis.’  One need not deconstruct the meaning of a poem to appreciate its image.  This chapbook speaks; its simplicity defines the original intent of the word’s worth, the worth of each word is determined by knowledge and by conversation.  These are some of the best minimal poems I’ve read, the poems relate in mature, succinct, often ironic tones amuse and open the summary of ‘wiseacre,’ reminding us to clap as we read.” 
-Irene Koronas, Wilderness House Literary Review