Remarks and Reflections – Essays

Remarks and Reflections – Essays

Kirby Congdon
ISBN: 978-0-9888279-5-0; 96 pgs.; $17.95

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These seventeen short essays by Kirby Congdon showcase the unique combination of poetic perception and critical wit that has made his book reviews and essays a mainstay of the Small Press Review and other important independent literary journals.  Fundamental literary values are examined such as What Is Poetry?, Who Is A Poet?, Why Write Poetry? and Why Read Poetry?.  Other subjects are ‘On’ Laptops, Recognition, Minorities, Publishing Children, Evolution, Competition and Collecting Books.  The collection concludes with the substantial essay, Persona In Poetry, in which Congdon addresses personal voice and its relation to narrative, style, ideas and music.  With the insights gained from 89 years of living, Kirby Congdon is a bona fide natural literary resource.  These essays should be read by anyone who is interested in the ideas behind contemporary poetry.

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