Rumors of Fallible Gods

Rumors of Fallible Gods


Peter Ludwin
Perfectbound paperback, ISBN:  978-0-9831251-8-1, 108 pgs., $15.95

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Rumors of Fallible Gods is the second poetry collection from Peter Ludwin.    Most of the poems were previously published in quality literary magazines such as The Midwest Quarterly, Nimrod, Quercus Review and The Pacific Review.   His poetry is influenced by the natural world and the dynamics between Old World/New World perceptions. Rumors of Fallible Gods is divided into two sections that are individual in their specifics yet universal in their exploration of man’s relationship to nature.  The poems in the first section, Light in San Miguel, illustrate Ludwin’s experiences as he travels through Mexico and South America.  Lush images of a natural paradise are juxtaposed against images of a stark, improvised environment created by man.  The poems in the second section, Tracking The Minotaur, are reflective of Ludwin’s journey through the Middle East and parts of Asia. They attack the reader’s senses with descriptive phrasing and expressive language.  Ludwin’s poetry takes the reader on a journey through the grey shadows and spaces of man’s interactions with man and nature.

“With Rumors of Fallible Gods, Peter Ludwin establishes himself as a citizen of the poetic imagination, availing readers of the intricate relationships between the geopolitical and the personal worlds we create and shape every day.”                                   -William O’Daly

“Here in the undermind is the poetry of Peter Ludwin — mythic, strange, amazing. This book is a key or a map or even an entrance itself to the way…down.”           -Tony Barnstone

“Here we find an artist at the peak of his powers, where vision and craft conjoin “to inhabit the transparent pearl, the drop-in perpetual motion that spells a history.”  When you pick up Peter Ludwin’s book, put on your traveling shoes — you’re going on a journey.”
-Joseph Stroud