Selected Poems & Prose Poems

Selected Poems & Prose Poems

Kirby Congdon
ISBN: 0-9772524-0-x, 94 pgs., $15.00

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SELECTED POEMS & PROSE POEMS contains 23 poems & 23 prose poems, representing Congdon’s best work over a 50 year period.  His works address universal themes in colloquial yet lyric language.  He combines neo-classical musical elements with contemporary language & imagistic detail, to evoke recognition of existential truths.

A poet like Congdon is a man who binds himself to the mast and sails off determined to miss nothing, record everything, even the siren song that leads everyone finally to the reefs of extinguishment.”                                               -Joan Colby, Small Press Review

Kirby has not been in the mainstream of his time, but he has been very much a part of the avant garde and a creative but independent force as a poet, editor and critic.  He deserves and will someday get, the attention that he merits.
-Ray C. Longtin, Professor Emeritus, Long Island University