The Burning Mirror

The Burning Mirror



Kerry Shawn Keys
Perfectbound paperback, ISBN:  978-0-9772524-9-7, 92 pgs., $14.95

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Avant-garde, boom-generation poet, translator & international multi-media artist Kerry Shawn Keys presents a new volume of his surrealistic poetry.  His poems are imagistic, lyrical vehicles that express Keys’ personal observations of the natural world, contrasted to the artificiality of man’s world.  Keys’ work has been praised by Pulitzer Prize winners Gary Snyder & Gerald Stern, among others, as innovative & musical.  As a member of the post-war baby boom generation of poets, his approach is that of a deconstructionist, dancing to the inner music of a post-post modern sensibility.  An entertaining, thought-provoking read.

“Not only a poet of the mind, but a wisdom poet and allegorist.  Keys is a nature poet both in his closeness to and his terrific knowledge of the things of the natural world, and in his deliberate and absurdist anthropomorphization of those things.  A kind of deconstructionist, a scholar, and existentialist…and all of them with great passion – singing…and humming to his own carefree energy.”            -Gerald Stern

“Good word-slinging – rich sense of music, metaphor, image, melody – color and flavor…”                                    -Gary Snyder

“The body of Kerry Shawn Keys’ true subject in “The Burning Mirror” is the expanse of the history of the planet and the history of philosophy and poetry; granted to us in notes of the sublime and real shards of a very real world.  From fate gambler to devout shapeshifter to archeologist of the word and ethnoclast, the organizing psyche in these poems never loses sight of his main shamanistic and psychosexual thinking body, an organism that is equal parts god killer and worshipper…indeed, ‘St. Paul and Venus polished into one body by the sea’.”                       -Sam Witt

“…the work seems to exude like sap from a sugar maple or ants from a hill.  What an incredible wealth.  The sort of poet people dream about when they dream about poets.”                                  -Robert Bringhurst