The Deployment of Love in Pineapple Twilight

The Deployment of Love in Pineapple Twilight


Lynne Savitt
Chapbook, 48 pgs., $6.00

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“No one writes lust and life and our secrets, fantasy and actual, like this.  If you are breathing, Lynne Savitt’s poems are a must.”                                                                                      -Leo Connellan, poet laureate of Connecticut

“Ambulance sirens ring through her words with the same burning intensity for life, cholesterol rich with “welts of butter light” and others that burst with violence and fragility, as after a car accident when “night cracked open like egg shell”.                                     -Linda Lerner

“Honest, lusty, cold nipples in the neon moon…Lynne Savitt is the Janis Joplin of poetry.  I read everything she puts out…immediately.”                                                                         -Charles Plymell

“These poems are heart-breaking, funny, introspective, angry, and masterfully-crafted.  These are the kinds of poems that make me want to write better…”                             -Dan Crocker

“Ms. Savitt can hold her own with any of her contemporaries.  Inside the speed metal delivery are stories of lost love and lovers, simple pleasures here and gone.  In one poem, she fantasizes about leaving a calm, attractive corpse – but I’d bet death would find her kicking and screaming, ordering food and drink, and offering a few choice words in praise or scorn of certain men.”           -Phil Wagner, Iconoclast

“Lynne Savitt’s poetry is like a machine gun.  It discharges images in a rapid-fire succession that targets the reader. The poetry, for the most part, is not narrative, but a roller coaster of words sparked by her visceral experiences in the world.  Savitt brings a lusty, vibrant, and honest woman’s voice to this collection.”            -Doug Holder, Ibbetson Update

“While the titles of her books can titillate, promise, and provoke, the poems inside deliver so much more.  Savitt’s poems are that kind of savvy, smart in the traditional way, yeah, but also with a kind of ‘right mindedness,’ a ‘right madness,’ to lift a phrase from Richard Hugo.    It isn’t in snappy quotable quips, though those are here, but in real accounts of real scenes in real life.  Can Ms. Savitt get an Amen, please?”                                                              -Louis McKee, Home Planet News   

“Lynne Savitt is one of those writers whose life burns like a hot knife through butter.  She is a poet of burning words, intensity for life and yes, lust.  These poems are honest, violent and sensitive.  Savitt has the gift of seduction.  Her words are crafted with a delicate eye and, to quote Dashiell Hammett, ‘the stuff that dreams are made of.’  Once you are exposed to the poetry of Lynne Savitt there is no turning back, for her words dig deep and are not soon forgotten.”                 -B. L. Kennedy, Rattlesnake Review

“Savitt is a master of enjambment.  Her staccato line endings surprise and, more often, amazes.  There is something to discover at the end of each line, something else to know at the beginning of the next.  More than anything else, the poems in this small volume are poems of survival—of love and loss, of surgeries and accidents – some small and some catastrophic.”               -Karla Huston, Free Verse