The Moon in the Pool

The Moon in the Pool


Gary Metras
Perfectbound paperback, ISBN:  978-0-9888279-7-4, 68 pgs., $12.95

The Moon in the Pool collects twenty-six new poems by Gary Metras.  The book is divided into three sections.  The first section contains one long poem, Seven Stones for Seven Poems, which uses stones as a metaphor for the poet’s life and philosophy.  The second section continues the theme of self-reflection. Metras writes about his family and their impact on his life.   In the final section of the book, the focus of the poems expands from the poet’s personal life to meditations on the macrocosm.  Metras’ poems find personal and universal meaning from everyday activities and relationships.  They are written in a direct, descriptive style that draws the reader into the naturalistic world.  Metras appeals to the senses and the humanity that connects us.  The Moon in the Pool is a collection that reflects on our relationship to nature and to one another.

“Metras’ poems are filled with phrases that want to touch and be felt.  They testify.  Metras is an unpretentious writer who keeps company with readers…In fact, he’s good company.  His voice is direct, simple, uncomplaining and democratic.”                             – Daily Hampshire Gazette

“The words are gifts from an accomplished poet, sure of his words and his mission to deliver his words carefully measured and assured…”                       – Martin Willits, Hotmetalpress

“Metras has a natural sense of how to trigger personal and deep meaning out of what is at hand…He simply has the discipline down to an art form.”        – Small Press Review

Now available in ebook