The Other Side of Broadway – Selected Poems

The Other Side of Broadway – Selected Poems


A. D. Winans
Perfectbound paperback, ISBN:  978-0-9772524-5-9, 132 pgs., $18.00

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71 poems selected by the author, at the age of 70.  Winans work has an elegant simplicity & clarity.  His poems are heartfelt expressions of a wise observer, powerfully honest & uncompromised by literary fashion.

“The poems in this book are succinct and each line pulls you into the next and it is a pleasure to read for the drama and the descriptive use of the language.”                                  -Kirby Congdon, Small Press Review

“Ultimately, what all these poems share, is an abiding respect, empathy for the underdog, the put upon, the disenfranchised and the forgotten-by-society.”                         -Alan Catlin, The Pedestal Magazine

“A.D. Winans is an internationally acknowledged word-slinger of the first order and this new collection “The Other Side Of Broadway” proves that statement.”                             -Rattlesnake Review

“As a poet, A.D. Winans is one of the best writing in the U.S. today.  His work is powerful, human, humane and deals with primary issues.”                                                                        -Hugh Fox

“Here is a word-slinger,  A.D. Winans, a poet of clarity, an artful man who makes it all seem easy.  He remains a captive within his home port, San Francisco, a voice nailed onto the soil of his native land, writing as he speaks.”                                        -Neeli Cherkovski