Time & Other Poems

Time & Other Poems



Hugh Fox
Chapbook, 44 pgs., $6.00

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Fox examines the meaning of his existence continually, & never settles for easy answers.  His personal relationships, his memories, his perceptions are all fodder for his well-aimed cannon.  These poems are intimate & true.  They occupy a space somewhere between autobiographical journalism, & Jungian dreamwork.  Fox transfers so much of himself into these poems, that he defies time & mortality. He takes us through the halls of myth & art, spanning all of human existence & beyond, into the cosmos of being itself.  Reading these poems creates an emotional tide effect, satisfying & sweet, boundless & brave as the expanding universe.

“Reading Hugh Fox’s poems is a bit like getting on a bus with a ticket you’ve no idea to where, you are jostled, take some wild curves, have breath-taking vistas, get to where you’d never expected, sometimes dazed, shaken up, sometimes laughing, never bored, always a little different than when you began.”                                   – Lyn Lifshin

“Like Charles Ives, like Herman Melville, Hugh Fox is an American original, an (almost) divinely inspired crackpot.  There is no one else like him writing today.”                    – Richard  Morris

“Fox succeeds in keeping the reader’s attention through a day to day existence that is never dull or tedious.  There is no self-pity in this journey.  Fox is never angry, never pathetic, just seeking answers to questions that really have no answer.”                      – A. D. Winans

“The poet searches for something else eternal beyond . . . and it is in Time and in the language of Time if it is anywhere.”           – Jared Smith

“The poems included in this collection are as genuine as anything written by Ginsberg.  These are poems of human history, which cry out to be heard and ready by many.”       –Rattlesnake Review

“His poetry in Time & Other Poems, celebrates the rich and wild cornucopia of life and his despair and regret that he will have to leave it behind at some point.  Fox emeshes the reader in a delicious sensory onslaught throughout this collection.  This collection is a rollercoaster ride between life and death, and as Ferlinghetti put it “A Coney Island of the Mind.”            -Doug Holder, Ibbetson Update

Time & Other Poems is an autobiographical collection of introspection into mortality and its relationship to the world of the poet and the world of dream. Using luminous and precise language, the poems in this fine chapbook are surrealistic in their constructive nature.  This is the food of the poet, cooked to tender perfection.”                    -B. L. Kennedy, Rattlesnake Review