Total Immersion

Total Immersion


Glenna Luschei
Perfectbound paperback, ISBN:  978-0-9800081-0-4, 96 pgs., $15.00

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Total Immersion is a landmark collection of poems by the legendary literary activist, poet/editor Glenna Luschei.   In her mature later poems, Glenna Luschei joyfully celebrates the organic cycle of life.  People & landscapes reflect & parallel each other in their birth, growth, decline & death, but the poet opts for a life-affirming, maternal world-view.  It takes more than mere life to discourage her pioneer spirit.  Glenna Luschei, Ph.D., has been active in the small press for 40+ years as a past president of COSMEP (Committee of Small Magazine Editors & Publishers), the publisher of Solo Café, as a teacher, as a translator & as a philanthropist to American literature.

“Like Whitman and Dr. Williams before her, Luschei also praises what is not conventionally beautiful, finding beauty in all of nature’s creations…”                         –  Diane Lockward, Galatea Resurrects #4 

“The language of these poems is reminiscent of the Zen Buddhist poets, who journey into the mountains or forests or the river valley and return with scrolls of verse that sing of what they have seen and learned.”                                         –   Donald Lev, Home Planet News  

“Luschei isn’t merely a poet but a subtle impressionistic prophet whose work immediately begins to change your whole world-view.”                                                                              –  Hugh Fox

“There is a pristine quality to her verse.  Her view of the natural world is not hindered by messy, weedy words.  It’s poetry that speaks, and says ‘Hey, it’s there…be quiet…look and listen’.”                  – Doug Holder, Ibbetson Update

“Like the best of poets and other artists, Glenna Luschei never grew up.  Rather, she grew and goes on growing.  Vast is her sense of wonder and awe.  Again and again, her every poem celebrates the ways the world begins.”               – Al Young

“I found Ms. Luschei’s elliptical style convincing…… One can tell that each word has been laid down with a mortar and pestle and I delight in that…”       –  Kirby Congdon, Small Press Review