Transporting, A Cloak of Rhapsodies

Transporting, A Cloak of Rhapsodies



Kerry Shawn Keys
Perfectbound paperback, ISBN:  978-0-9800081-8-0, 112, pgs, $15.95

Currently Out of Print

Award winning poet, translator and international multi-media artist Kerry Shawn Keys presents his most recent collection of poetry – Transporting, A Cloak of Rhapsodies.   These lyrical poems hypnotize the reader with the rhythm and tonality of their long lines.  Imagery, language and cadence meld into a symphony of sound and sight that excites the imagination with its possibilities.  Keys’ poetry taps into his pastoral roots in the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania and explodes with the intricate influences of his many journeys to other worlds.   Transporting, A Cloak of Rhapsodies showcases that richness of style and will attract an appreciative audience on the international poetry scene.

“I find Keys’ poetry lucid, lyrical, and broad-ranging. It is also lush and often absurd (unusual for an American), and delves into psychological, spiritual, and cultural areas – a deep involvement with Brazil and India – that few others are gifted by experience and ability to touch.” 
-Tomaž Šalamun

“What I love in Keys’ poetry is language, indeed the marvelous language, and the exoticism, and the craziness, and the wonderful sane humor, and the mixture of time and persons, and the originality and inventiveness, and the newness and the excitement.”                     -Gerald Stern

“Kerry Shawn Keys’ poetry fulfills the unsuspected accents that Lorca spoke of in his essay on duende where ‘through the empty arch comes an air of the mind that blows insistently over the heads of the dead.’”                                -Paulo Cesar da Luz