winter river flowing – selected poems 1979-2014

winter river flowing – selected poems 1979-2014


t. kilgore splake
Perfectbound paperback, ISBN:  978-0-988829-6-7, 152 pgs., $21.95

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This book contains the very best poetry of reclusive poet t. kilgore splake, chosen by splake himself at the age of seventy-seven, from all of his published poetry.  His progression from long conventional lines, to short, centered lines, and from descriptive narrative to leaping free association, is revealed by the book’s chronological arrangement.  splake’s poetry transcends beyond persona into personal mythology.

“Splake is always spot-on with an unfailing eye and gift for compressed expression.  As a fan of Splake’s for over two decades, I can honestly say, I anticipate each new collection of his and am never disappointed.”                   -Alan Catlin

“There are three kinds of poets.  The easily dismissed wannabes.  The earnest fine word slingers who for myriad reasons have a hard time using the P Word on themselves.  And the brilliantly brazen few who know their life’s mission is to climb the mountain and show the world I AM A POET.  Splake is one of the brilliantly brazen few, and his poems never stop proving it.”                   -Robert M. Zoschke, Editor of The Lowdown

“t. kilgore splake continues to provoke an unusual and thought-provoking brand of poetry.”                 – James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review

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