Witch Dance – New & Selected Poems

Witch Dance – New & Selected Poems


Glenna Luschei
Perfectbound paperback, ISBN:  978-09800081-7-3, 84 pgs., $13.95

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In Witch Dance – New & Selected Poems, poet Glenna Luschei responds to the death of her husband Bill with a special kind of poetic magic.  The collection is built around the poems remembering Bill and projects the emotions around his loss like ritual incantations, to form transformative and cathartic symbols that ultimately restore and renew the poet’s life force. With a balance of older, related works and new material, Witch Dance may well be Luschei’s best poetry collection to date.  Emotionally intense and suffused with the organic imagery she is known for, the poems are evocative spells sure to remind readers of the fragility and beauty of life and love.  Walking through the live oak forest of her memory, we share in her poignant transformation from grief to a life affirming joie de vivre.

“Like the best of poets and other artists, Glenna Luschei never grew up.  Rather, she grew and goes on growing.  Vast is her sense of wonder and awe.  Again and again, her every poem celebrates the ways the world begins.”               -Al Young

“In Witch Dance, Glenna Luschei marries a light touch to penetrating clarity.  Poem after poem is easy to read, easy to love, hard to forget.  A highly recommended collection.”             -Ronald Koertge

“Her writing celebrates its elements and seasons, the growing things and creatures, with sharp, evocative colors and a sinewy verse music alert to the poetic capacities in the sounds of such ordinary words as mica and tarmac, soap and oak.”               -Tom Clark

“Glenna Luschei’s poems are always lively, brave, sometimes biting as lime juice – written by an enchanting mind.”              -Robert Bly