Late Life Love in the Great Dismal Swamp

Late Life Love in the Great Dismal Swamp

Glenna Luschei

Chapbook; 36 pgs.; $8.00


In this verse novel, a woman in later life undertakes a pilgrimage to the swamp country of her youth to recover the memory of the man she loved. Through her days of introspection and immersion in the mystique of the bayous, she becomes delirious and falls ill. She returns to the Blue Ridge and to the man who has awaited her, to find that she is free for the first time in her life.
Glenna is my super hero – shining voice in poetry and presence, always generous and uplifting. Her vision in this world is a blessed gift.” – Naomi Shihab Nye

Glenna Luschei is a fearless enthusiast at the banquet of life. Reading her poems is like having your own foreign correspondent sharing travels to exotic places whether across oceans and deserts or into the heart and soul.”                                                       – Tom Harrington

“Glenna Luschei’s poetry in the Late Life Love in the Great Dismal Swamp steams with longing and forbidden fruits, amidst the dangers of alligators and the dreaminess of manatees. Like the Spanish moss of the Everglades, her words drip with secrets and desire. She speaks to us about what it is like to be caught between nature and our hearts, her poetry ever blending the two. Her words bring us to the tidewaters, the messiness of love, the bed of illness and the victory of survival.Glenna’s work captures the essence of a place, whether a swamp, a lover’s body or even a city.  Above all, her poetry expresses her gratitude for the pain, and pleasure of life.  And we are enriched by her journey.”   — Pamela Yaco

“Glenna Luschei marries her brain to her heart in her latest book: Late Life Love in the Great Dismal Swamp. Her poems here show us that despite enduring the pain of loss, illness, and the dismal swamp of some dreams, we recover to endure it all again, including freedom and love. Each poem is worth reading several times.”  — Evelyn Cole

“I can tell you that I love your brilliant leaping images: the alligator as the tin man lolling beneath black waters, the loom of the maple, the poet as yellow silk on the spindle.  Just amazing!  And I do have a favorite poem so far:  Horse Latitudes.  I loved the complexity of it, the metaphor of the hoof and its connection to disease and to transgression in the marriage.  this poem is a wow!”      — Marsha de la O